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«Tentorium» opened a branch in Czech Republic


«Tentorium» opened a branch in Czech Republic

Monday, 11 Jule 2016

In July of 2016, a new branch of “Tentorium” Corporate Group started operating in Czech Republic. The branch of the company was established in Prague and is going to perform deliveries of Russian apiphytoproducts to EU countries.

— Opening a branch of the company in Prague has become another logical step in the development of “Tentorium” export work-stream, — the President of “Tentorium” Corporate Group, Rail Khismatullin said. — Today, people all over the world want to be healthy and eat only high-quality food that won’t cause any harm to their body. We are ready to meet this demand. Currently we are getting ready to open show-rooms in the USA and other countries.

It is worth mentioning that “Tentorium” develops different export directions. Thus, in April, 2016, a new distribution center of “Tentorium” products was opened in the city of Semey (former Semipalatinsk), Kazakhstan. The opening of the distribution center became a result of “Tentorium” Corporate Group reaction to an increased demand among local population for dietary products with high contents of beekeeping products that help advance natural body’s abilities to resist adverse factors of the environment. The thing is that due to a high concentration of radioactive fallout, Semey, according to the law of Kazakhstan, falls into the category of maximum risk areas.

“Tentorium” is the largest holding company involved in processing of products of beekeeping and production of the beekeeping-based products for health promotion. “Tentorium” Corporate Group includes “Tentorium” company, the Trading House “Tentorium”, “Tentorium Service” company, “Tentorium SPA” health resort, nucleus “Parasol”, agricultural complex, factories “Tentorium-Ruland” and “Tentorium Aqua”, and distribution centers in largest cities of Russia and all over the world. “Tentorium” is a member of Russian DSA and an active participant of federal-scale events on Anti-Doping and sports support.