Federal Research Center of Nutrition together with “Tentorium” will Represent Russia in Glasgow

Thursday, 19 May 2016

“Tentorium” Corporate Group together with the Federal Research Center of Nutrition and Biotechnologies will represent the Russian Federation at a conference on apiceutical research in the Technology and Innovation Center of University of Strathclyde. The big event will take place in Glazgow, Scotland on 16-17th of June, 2016. Scientists from Great Britain, USA, Bulgaria, Romania, Japan, Mexico, Indonesia, Turkey, Morocco, Brazil, Ghana, Poland and other countries will visit the conference.

The first International conference on apiceutical research is dedicated to propolis in human and bee health. Scientists, researchers and representatives of the world leading universities will make reports on the subject. 60 reports on results of applied research have already been announced on the event program.

The representatives of Russia at the conference will become Irina Perova, PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Konstantin Eller, PhD in Chemistry, Head of the research laboratory of the Federal Research Center of Nutrition and Biotechnologies (former Institute of Nutrition of the Russian Academy of Sciences), and the President of “Tentorium” Corporate Group, PhD in Technical Sciences, Rail Khismatullin.

— It’s no coincidence that propolis has been chosen as the subject of the first conference of University of Strathclyde. This unique material is the most complex product of beekeeping. Thanks to its properties it is very attractive for chemists, pharmacists, medical practitioners and, of course, for end-consumers, — says Rail Khismatullin.

Russian delegation will present a report on consumption of products with high content of propolis from different country regions. The results of the conference are supposed to be published in a separate edition under the editorship of representatives of the Technology and Innovation Center of University of Strathclyde.

“Tentorium” is the largest holding company involved in processing of products of beekeeping and production of the beekeeping-based products for health promotion. “Tentorium” Corporate Group includes “Tentorium” company, the Trading House “Tentorium”, “Tentorium Service” company, “Tentorium SPA” health resort, nucleus “Parasol”, agricultural complex, factories “Tentorium-Ruland” and “Tentorium Aqua”, and distribution centers in largest cities of Russia and all over the world. “Tentorium” is a member of Russian DSA.