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Russia Became a Supplier of Products of Beekeeping to the USA


Russia Became a Supplier of Products of Beekeeping to the USA

Wednesday, 15 Jule 2015

The US Food and Drug Administration have completed certification of the first beekeeping product released by Tentorium Group. Thus, Russian producer got an opportunity to carry out deliveries to the US partners directly.

The first product to undergo the certification procedure in the USA was nourishing dragee “Tentorium Plus” that has an immune-enhancing effect. Next up are top 10 Russia’s bestsellers from the range of Tentorium Group products.

– According to a preliminary plan, regular supplies of Russian apiphytoproducts to the USA will be launched in the fall of 2015, - says the Head of International Sales Department of Tentorium Group Elvira Shaikhutdinova. – It’s important to note that healthy lifestyle-associated products are extremely popular in the US, and TENTORIUM ® products are distributed via individuals.

Tentorium Group is planning to open an official branch establishment in the USA, alongside with such countries as Iran, Israel, China and others. The USA has become the 24th country of the world where TENTORIUM® products are being supplied.

It is worth mentioning that Tentorium is a large corporate group that processes products of beekeeping and produces health-promoting goods based on apiphytoproducts. Aside from a new agricultural complex, Tentorium Group also owns the Trading House Tentorium, Service Tenroium, health resort Tentorium SPA, nucleus Parasol, factory for processing apiphytoproducts Tentorium-Ruland, located in Perm.