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Export of Russian goods will increase in 2016


Export of Russian goods will increase in 2016

Monday, 23 November 2015

According to experts’ opinion, the volume of goods exported from Russia overseas will increase regardless of the geopolitical situation.

– We have got 22 purchase requests for our products from all over the world, including such countries as Egypt, Turkey, USA, Ghana this year. Each of these requests can be considered as a plan of export trade development, - says the Head of International Sales Department of Tentorium Group Elvira Shaikhutdinova.

According to Mrs. Shaikhutdinova, the goods produced for export currently make up about 20% of total volume of goods produced by Tentorium Group. The target increase of overall amount of exported goods produced by the Company upon production plan in 2016 makes up 50%. Other Russian companies also announced strategic plans for export trade expansion.  

– In 2016 most of the companies are going to increase export share of the produced goods. This trend has clearly emerged in the middle of 2015, – says the President of russian Direct Selling Association Tamara Shokareva. – Many members of the Association are in some way represented on the markets of the Commonwealth of Independent States, however, according to the companies’ plans, export trade expansion is going to grow in future. Thus, we can actually see the way business contributes to the country development irrespective of the geopolitical situation. 

It is worth mentioning that the target sales volume of the companies-members of DSA will exceed 155 billion rubles. Tentorium is a large corporate group that processes products of beekeeping and produces health-promoting goods based on apiphytoproducts. Aside from a new agricultural complex, Tentorium Group also owns the Trading House Tentorium, Service Tenroium, health resort Tentorium SPA, nucleus Parasol, factory for processing apiphytoproducts Tentorium-Ruland, located in Perm, and over 600 representation offices in largest cities of Russia and 19 countries of the world.