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TENTORIUM® starts operating in Iran


TENTORIUM® starts operating in Iran

Wednesday, 30 Jule 2014

The enterprises’ group Tentorium starts operating on the territory of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The initiative to sell the Russian wellness products with honey in Iran was taken by the ​​businessman and investor Majid Ozgoli.

The Iranian honey is in high demand in the international market. It is gathered in forests, mountains and deserts and costs five times as much, for example in comparison with the American one. But there is no technology of industrial processing of honey and honey products in general in Iran,” - says Majid Ozgoli.

Currently, 14 TENTORIUM® product samples are certified in the Ministry of Health of Iran. At the same time the first representative office of the Company is opened in Tehran.

Approximate time for completion of certification and registration of all necessary documents is the end of 2014. Until this time the team of the new office will be formed in the Iranian capital. According to Majid Ozgoli, 6 months after the completion of the certification of the Russian products the offices of the Iranian branch of TENTORIUM® will be opened in 15 of 30 provinces of the Republic.

The enterprises’ group Tentorium consists of The Trading House Tentorium , API SPA Resort, Tentorium Service, Apicentre Tentorium, the breed reproducer Parasol, the plant processing apiphytoproducts TENTORIUM- RULAND, as well as more than 600 service centers in the major Russian cities and 18 countries around the world. Tentorium is the largest holding in Russia processing bee products and producing bee-products-based items for health care.

Iran has the second largest GDP in Western Asia and the Islamic world after Turkey and is one of the most technologically advanced countries in the region.