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  • «Tentorium» opened a branch in Czech Republic

    In July of 2016, a new branch of “Tentorium” Corporate Group started operating in Czech Republic. The branch of the company was established in Prague and is going to perform deliveries of Russian apiphytoproducts to EU countries.

    11 Jule 2016
  • Federal Research Center of Nutrition together with “Tentorium” will Represent Russia in Glasgow

    “Tentorium” Corporate Group together with the Federal Research Center of Nutrition and Biotechnologies will represent the Russian Federation at a conference on apiceutical research in the Technology and Innovation Center of University of Strathclyde. The big event will take place in Glazgow, Scotland on 16-17th of June, 2016. Scientists from Great Britain, USA, Bulgaria, Romania, Japan, Mexico, Indonesia, Turkey, Morocco, Brazil, Ghana, Poland and other countries will visit the conference.

    19 May 2016
  • Export of Russian goods will increase in 2016

    According to experts’ opinion, the volume of goods exported from Russia overseas will increase regardless of the geopolitical situation.

    23 November 2015
  • TENTORIUM® opens Service center in Tallinn

    TENTORIUM® corporate group has opened Service center in Tallinn (Estonia). Through this business unit production of Russian producer will be delivered to the Baltic countries. The entrepreneur Ljudmilla Väin has become the head of the Service center in Tallinn.

    09 October 2015
  • Russia Became a Supplier of Products of Beekeeping to the USA

    The US Food and Drug Administration have completed certification of the first beekeeping product released by Tentorium Group. Thus, Russian producer got an opportunity to carry out deliveries to the US partners directly.

    15 Jule 2015
  • TENTORIUM® starts operating in Iran

    The enterprises’ group Tentorium starts operating on the territory of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The initiative to sell the Russian wellness products with honey in Iran was taken by the ​​businessman and investor Majid Ozgoli.

    30 Jule 2014