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  • The Apimondia gold – victory of TENTORIUM® Distributors

    The autumn 2015 in TENTORIUM® was filled with momentous events. Restart in Krasnodar at the Distributors’ Festival, success in South Korea at the congress of International Federation of Beekeeping Associations, and as a result - two golden medals: for “Honey-pollen atlas” and for the poster based on the ecological event “Let’s Save the Bees Wall Installation”. Beyond these events there has been painstaking team work of the entire Distribution organization of TENTORIUM®.

    23 November 2015
  • Rail Khismatullin in Slovakian media

    After his visit to Humenne President and Founder of TENTORIUM® Rail Khismatullin became media person for Slovakian newspapers. The reason for it was the Slovaks’ interest in living a healthy lifestyle with the help of apiphytoproduction.

    16 November 2015
  • Macrograph of the bee’s eye has won in international competition.

    Photographer expressed ecological message to the world with his photograp

    11 November 2015
  • Why can’t the honey be cheap?

    Have you ever thought how much work is put out to the one kilo jar of the honey? We would like to tell you how it all happens in reality.

    05 November 2015
  • USA farmers confirmed mass death of the bees

    During the last year, since April 2014, more than 40% of bee colonies in USA died. The worst results are in the territory of the Northern America, in state Oklahoma – 63.4%, whereas the best ones – in the Hawaii islands (13.9%). It’s been reported by the CBS News. They used the preliminary research of American entomologists and beekeepers.

    03 November 2015
  • Beekeeping conference took place in Slovakia.

    October 24, 2015 in the Medzilaborce, Slovakia, there was organized the Slovenian beekeepers conference. It was devoted to the problems of beekeeping.

    27 October 2015
  • Bees and plankton: contribution to the world economics more than $350 billion per year

    In the result of the collaborative research project of BBC and UN overwhelming results were obtained: pollinating plants “for free”, bees produce $150 billion profit to world economics every year.

    26 October 2015
  • In Tallinn there has been opened TENTORIUM® Service Center.

    In Tallinn there has been opened TENTORIUM® Service Center. Through this Center it will be possible to deliver the production to Finland and even to Japan. The opening of new Service Center has become momentous event for all Distribution organization — it vividly demonstrates the possibilities to earn money in TENTORIUM® structure because the entire area of international deliveries has been organized by virtue of truly found contacts.

    23 October 2015
  • TENTORIUM® opens Service Center in Tallinn
    TENTORIUM® corporate group has opened Service Center in Tallinn (Estonia). Through this business unit production of Russian producer will be delivered to the Baltic countries. The Head of the Service Center in Tallinn has become the entrepreneur LjudmillaVain.
    09 October 2015
  • Faithful partner – faithful earning with TENTORIUM®
    In Tallinn there has been opened TENTORIUM® Service Center. Through this Center it will be possible to deliver the production to Finland and even to Japan.
    08 October 2015