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Gift of youth



Gift of youth

Wednesday, 02 March 2016

The most desirable product of this winter – BAA “Royal jelly in bitter chocolate with genistein” now is available for order!

Great wise men of the past said: “We can’t hand back three things: possibility, word and time”. And how much we would like to turn back the clock and become active, flourishing and young again! Hormones production decreasing, inevitable companion of “elegant” age, is the main enemy for woman’s youth and beauty. Any ingenuity of the modern cosmetology and cosmetic surgery cannot help if the level of hormones is not under control!

Modern woman on average third part of her life lives with reduced or absent reproductive function. Approximately at the age of 35 ovaries slow down their work, the level of estrogen and progesterone hormones decreases. It causes complicated changes in the system of internal secretion and leads to the organs’ aging. 30% of collagen in the skin is being lost in the first five years after the menopause. The skin becomes thin, deep wrinkles and pigmented spots appear, hairs at the face and body become especially evident, and the overweight insistently increases. Not all women are ready to accept such changes. We are ready to give everything for the magic jar with elixir of eternal youth! And it’s fascinating that the modern science opens for us the secrets of beauty and youth. Now it’s well known: if the person begins supporting hormone therapy timely, he or she won’t need serious cosmetic and surgery interventions.

TENTORIUM® prepared the recipe of renewal. As the base we used two unique gifts of nature – royal jelly and genistein (phyto-estrogen, being extracted from ecologically safe herbal material). We closed these valuable ingredients in deluxe bitter chocolate. Now the elixir of youth and beauty is available for everyone! And this is not the capsule or pile but small, tasty, delicate chocolate bar which turns on the countdown of time.

Royal jelly is the most valuable gift of the bees. European Food Safety Agency (EFSA) confirms the following scientific information: royal jelly is effective food additive for the better life quality of women in the period of menopause, and the vitamins and other biologically active substances of it have an beneficial effect on the skin and help restore emotional disposition. It has been used in medicine and cosmetology for many years because the royal jelly greatly fights with the wrinkles and makes the skin better in the cell level, gives power and energy, protects from infections, has powerful antisclerotic, anti-inflammatory and restorative effect, prevents us from the aging process, provides the woman’s organism with powerful anti-aging components.

Genistein has the rate of food consumption scientifically confirmed and approved in the documents of the Russian Federation Ministry of Health and the Customs Union. It is famous not only as phyto-estrogen but also as powerful antioxidant. Genistein essentially slow down the processes of skin aging, caused by the UV-radiation and the impact of free radicals. For last years there has been many evidences of its preventive and therapeutic action, it prevents cardiovascular system, supports the bones strengthening.

Deluxe chocolate keeps the filling of the active components safe and adds to this wonderful cocktail the joy hormone – serotonin.

“To be beautiful in the age of 20 is just natural. When you are beautiful in the age of 35 or 45, it is life position” – marvelous Monica Bellucci says.

You can transform according to the TENTORIUM® recipe of eternal youth and life energy: just one small bite of delicate product BAA “Royal jelly with genistein in bitter chocolate” a day! You can give to yourself, your mothers, close friends the most secret and the most desirable thing – long and happy youth!