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Hormone with surprise



Hormone with surprise

Tuesday, 01 March 2016

Why do children like chocolate surprise eggs so much? Favourite delicacy hides inside interesting toy – it is twice joyful to get double pleasure! TENTORIUM® company has prepared for women magic present – deluxe chocolate with filling of valuable royal jelly and phyto-components with wonderful power of transformation – double pleasure of taste and result!

Eternal youth, ever-young beauty, attractive intriguing femininity is the dream of every lady. The whole army of cosmetologists is in the service of beauty and youth. But any ingenuity of the modern cosmetology and cosmetic surgery cannot help if the level of hormones is not under control.

Modern woman on average third part of her life lives with reduced or absent reproductive function. Approximately at the age of 35 ovaries slow down their work, the level of estrogen and progesterone hormones decreases. It causes complicated changes in the system of internal secretion and leads to the organs’ aging. 30% of collagen in the skin is being lost in the first five years after the menopause. The skin becomes thin, deep wrinkles and pigmented spots appear, hairs at the face and body become especially evident, and the overweight insistently increases. Not all women are ready to accept such changes. We are ready to give everything for the magic jar with elixir of eternal youth! And it’s fascinating that the modern science opens for us the secrets of beauty and youth. Now it’s well known: if the person begins supporting hormonal therapy timely, he or she won’t need serious cosmetic and surgery interventions.

For several decades hormonal replacement therapy (HRT) has been used for the struggle with symptoms of the menopause. The negative point of this method is that preparations with estrogen and progesterone hormones synthesized in laboratories or extracted from the organisms of animals have side effects. Today HRT is being recommended for use not to all and only under the doctor’s control. At the end of last century permissible alternative to HRT was found – phyto-estrogens.

Phyto-estrogens (isoflavons) are substances extracted from the plants; they also are called “herbal estrogens”. They are not hormones but have the effect very likely to estrogen: increase tonus and activity, remove symptoms of the menopause, prevent the body from osteoporosis, strengthen cardiovascular system. Phyto-estrogens help woman to feel wonderful, save the beauty of skin and hair, escape many diseases and complicated ruptures.

But why do many women strongly deny use of preparations created for the improvement of their well-being? What is the source of this fear and prejudice of hormones? In 2000s in the USA incorrect research was conducted and rapid-fire conclusion frightened the women. They stopped taking hormones in any form and that leaded to the sharp increase of the diseases. Research holders didn’t take into account age, cardiovascular disease, overweight and diabetes, and the result data without detail analysis was given to the journalists. It took 10 years to analyze the mistakes of this research. In 2013 six international associations prepared the consensus about preventive and treatment role of HRT and defined the age group of the women which can use hormones effectively. And, as it was said, today medicine science and nature offer milder and safer variant of hormonal correction – herbal estrogens!

The history of detail research of the phyto-estrogens began after the scale population health research in Europe, Asia and America. It was found that in Japan, China, Indonesia, Taiwan, and Korea the level of death by the cancer and cardiological diseases is much lower than in “civilized” countries, and the women less suffer from menopause difficulties, osteoporosis and breast cancer, and look young even being aged. As it was found the reason of this phenomenon is the diet rich with soya which contains isoflavons – genistein and daidzen. In the process of evolution the human organism used to get from the food definite phyto-estrogens and with the diet poor with them age changes find more bright and rapid expression.

Genistein is famous not only as phyto-estrogen but also as powerful antioxidant. It essentially acts as a brake of cancer genesis and skin aging, caused by UV-radiation (photo destruction and photo aging). For last years there have been many evidences of its preventive and therapeutic action. But what is especially important is that phyto-estrogens can act not only as estrogen but also as anti-estrogen. For example, unlike with animal estrogens, they don’t stimulate but suppress the growth of hormone-dependent neoplasms. Nowadays isoflavons including genistein have the rate of food consumption scientifically confirmed and approved in the documents of the Russian Federation Ministry of Health and the Customs Union.

On the base of this “magic” herbal estrogen TENTORIUM® developed the recipe of the BAA “Royal jelly in bitter chocolate with genistein”. Now the elixir of youth and beauty is available for everyone! And this is not the capsule or pile but small, tasty, delicate chocolate bar which turns on the countdown of time. In comparison with “Royal jelly in bitter chocolate” in the new product the portion of the chocolate active components is increased but it is as before without addition of sugar. Every little bar contains as much royal jelly (lyophilized one) as in one royal bee cell. It is enough for the daily take. The composition of two powerful natural components prolonging woman’s youth – royal jelly and genistein – makes the new product perfectly unique, having multi-faceted impact on the entire organism.

It’s impossible to be eternally young because we can’t cheat he nature but we can come to an agreement with it and save the beauty and life energy and hormones activity for a long time!