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To be well-shaped!



To be well-shaped!

Tuesday, 01 March 2016

We all have a dream to be well-shaped and attractive. Scientists from the Cornell University studied the diet peculiarities of people with good shape. And their conclusions have been fascinating: people having right nutrition and not blaming themselves for the overeating keep their body in better condition than people keeping strict diets. We can make one rule of all it: the main things are healthy nutrition and healthy stance to the life!

TENTORIUM® company has produced products for right nutrition for many years. These products help to make familiar dishes tastier and to compensate the need of body in micro- and macro-elements. It’s important that their use is harmonically complies with routine life.

  1. Salt is indispensible part of our ration. One specialists say it’s harmful, others are sure it’s necessary for us. And all of them are right. Salt contains nutritive substances important for the body but we don’t have to overindulge in it. Specially for those who prefer to have their cakes and eat it TENTORIUM® developed edible salt with chitosan. It’s ideal for cooking tasty and healthy food because chitosan helps to clean the body from toxins and brings the needless salts out of the body.
  2. Do you like to add interesting detail in your dishes? To surprise members of your family you can use buckwheat, rice and corn Apitsampas. Thanks to the content of chitosan, pectin and inulin they help to make body detox and normalize its activity. Gluten absence has positive impact on the work of digestive organs and the reception of micro- and macro-elements from the nutrition. Apitsampas are universal: you can cook them for the breakfast, to add them in the soup for the lunch or in the salad for the dinner.
  3. How often do you have a tea? Absolute majority of us will answer: “Every day and not once”. At the cup of tea we discuss important questions, have close conversations or just dream. Making this drink we enjoy its smell and taste. TENTORIUM® tea has an amazing aroma thanks to the content of propolis and healing herbs. Making TENTORIUM® tea you will enjoy the unique composition of api- and phyto-components which makes it health giving and delicious.

Healthy life style is the guarantee of success and wonderful exterior. It’s especially good when it doesn’t take additional spend of money. Enriched your routine products, making your daily ration, with TENTORIUM® products you provide yourselves with good mood and right nutrition. Be well-shaped and live in harmony with yourselves and your body!