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Thursday, 17 December 2015

There have been appeared several new TENTORIUM products – BAA. This word is new enough for the Company’s lexicon.

What is BAA? Products of BAA category are those which are used for filling up of some component in case of its chronic deficiency. They provide the possibility to recover dysfunctions of some or other organs and systems of organism, also they are used for the entire health improvement. BAAs contain such ingredients as vitamins, minerals, medicinal herbs and other plants, amino acids, substances, concentrates, metabolites, and extracts for filling up of the staminal micronutrients which a man or woman receives less than one’s due with the food.

Vitamins and microelements deficiency is not a fiction or tale of terror but the fact proven with the method of science and represented in large amount of state and international documents. The assortment of the food products changed – modern food became the “food of empty calories”. The reduction of acreage, use of chemicals in agriculture and animal farming, introduction of caning and processing technologies of nutritive products lead to the “double catch” appearance: on the one hand, there is an enormous deficiency of vitamins, macro- and microelements (some of them are totally absent, on the other hand – there is a large amount of harmful substances (preservations, colorants, chemicals, hormones, antibiotics, artificially isolated gluten, etc.). “Progress” in plant cultivation and animal breeding and substitutions in food industry lead to the result in a situation where vitamin A completely has disappeared from the chicken and beef meat, the content of thiamine (vitamin B1) has been down by half, the content of magnesium has been down by 20%. Vegetables and fruit also have lost their main treasure – nutrients…

For last 50 years according to the data from the World Health Organization daily nutrient requirement of the human has went down from 3800 to 2200 kilo-calories a day – our contemporary goes on foot less than before, and on the whole expends less energy. Non-mobile life-style has lead to the reducing of energy demand approximately by a half in comparison with 19th century. Our calories demand has become lower and vitamins’ and microelements’ spending has grown. Large amount of modern life stresses “washes away” vitamins and microelements. However, it is known that to receive an ideal amount of energy necessary for life and health, for normal metabolism providing a human has to consume daily approximately 600 micronutrients (vitamins, macro- and microelements) – substances which we need in micro doses but every day.

If we look at function of only one organism cell, we’ll see that every minute more than 2000 biochemical reactions take place. In these reactions elements are involved, such as calcium, ferrum, selenium, vitamin C, etc. And if a human doesn’t receive even one of such elements, thousands of biochemical reactions fail. As a result, cells can’t function well; they cumulate the products of these reactions and get blocked up with dross. Harmful substances from the air, water and food are getting added to it. In such a way the disease is forming step by step.

For the purpose of discussion we can divide all people into several groups – healthy ones (20%) and ill ones (20%), over 50% are people with imperfect system of adaptation, and 10% are in stage of pre-existing disease. You can judge your condition and learn the stage of slagginess of your organism:

10-15% - a person doesn’t feеl anything;

15-45% - a person doesn’t feel sharp problems; tiredness and fatigability appear; organism compensational systems begin to work;

45-70% - organism doesn’t cope with the situation; pain and specific problems appear;

70-90% - cells can’t function normally; oncology stage begins.

1st-2nd stage: human hasn’t been got ill but his or her resistance to stress factors and other external and internal factors is highly decreased. It may begin to appear in chronic tiredness, glow of health absence, livid rings under eyes, dull hair, fatigability, low mood, prolonged depressions, and many others. but we’d like to be flourishing, bright, emotional! It means – to be healthy.

Many of the factors listed above could be removed with additional, rational BAAs introduction in nutrition.

We know perfectly well that wellness-products of TENTORIUM® are full value nutrition but not limited specific biochemical components and nutritive additives, and all bee products represent biological active substances (BAS) acting as biogenous stimulating agents and having valuable properties for a human. According to the legislation, some of our products are classified as BAAs – biologically active additives. And it is exactly right in relation to the words “biologically active” but not fully correct in relation to the word “additive”. According to the recent certification requirements we certify our new reinforced products as BAAS. By law it is quite complicated to do it; there are many requirements to the product. the “BAA” mark is special quality mark which guarantees the safety of the product capable of dietary condition improvement, health promotion, and disease prevention.

Requirements to the production and sale of the BAAs are stiffened every year. Most significantly it is connected with appearance of unfair companies which are engaged not in scientific researches but in powerful advertising of their preparations. From the side of the government the entire system of means of controlling the BAA production and realization which ends with adding the product to the list of Russian BAA register. The required step of the BAA registration is clinical tests. All these measurements are intended to customer protection. Any Distributor and customer of the production can visit the site of Federal Oversight Service for Consumers' Rights and Human Welfare (Register of state registration certificates) and to get true information on TENTORIUM® BAAs.