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Honey – new time-honoured panacea?



Honey – new time-honoured panacea?

Friday, 11 December 2015

Honey at all times was considered to be an excellent antiweapon against infections, but recent researches have shown that it can replace even antibiotics.

Honey has been known for many years to have strong antibacterial properties. But the fact that through the use of it it’s possible to treat infections, which do not respond even to strong antibiotics, has become a piece of news for doctors and pharmacologists. The question is not only about the honey itself but also about the substances extracted from hind-body of the bee. Researches from the university of Swedish Lund managed to study out that honey has such antiseptic and antimicrobial properties thanks to content of beneficial bacteria which includes also lactic-acid bacteria.

Microbiologist Alehandra Vaskes says: “Bacteria contained in honey are viable and effective, that’s why we could use their properties at the current stage of medical care development. The question is what concentration to use and what additional components to take, etc”.

Bacteria causing serious diseases in some cases happen to be extremely resistant to antibiotics og even last generation. Alehandra Vaskes considers that “we have concrete confirmation that the preparation suggested by us managed to be effective even in treatment non-healing wounds. We seriously consider it to be used in those cases when habitual drugs happen to be forceless”.

Could honey become at least possible alternative to drug therapy if not panacea? Scientists and doctors are getting ready to answer this question.