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Alginate masks – professional care in home conditions



Alginate masks – professional care in home conditions

Tuesday, 08 December 2015

Preservation of youth and beauty for many years is one of the heart’s desires of modern women.

Women’s wish to be attractive cuts a wide swath around unique cosmetic researches and innovations. Scientists regularly present us the latest unique means and some of them become real best-sellers.

So, not that long ago alginate masks has been known only in special interest groups and now many cosmetologists consider them to be the best cosmetic product for face. The main specific feature of this wonderful product is that there are the salts of alginic acid, extracted from seaweeds, among the ingredients of the product. In combination with water the acid forms unique gel mass containing large amount of vitamins, minerals, and effective micronutrients. Thanks to this gel alginate masks have lifting affect, moisturize sensitive skin of face, works towards its whitening and purification from blackhead and inflammations.

By virtue of specialness and omnitude and also of wide amount of useful qualities, alginate masks have become one of the most desirable cosmetic products. TENTORIUM® Company at one fling presents to all women three kinds of alginate masks. Mask effect exceeds all expectations Thanks to active components: propolis, chitosan, and peloid. Propolis has strong anti-inflammatory processes and abbiritates the skin, activates protective mechanism. Peloid – therapeutic mud – cleanses the skin from impurities, takes rejuvenating effect. Chitosan forms the resisting barrier at the surface of the skin, protects the face from aggressive factors of the entertainment, moisturizes the skin, and reduces water losses.

Alginate mask is universal product which fits every skin type: dry skin receives moisturizing, combined skin receives nutrition, and oily skin gets rid of excessive greasiness. In such a way absolutely all women can use this wonderful invention and regularly improve their appearance. And more adult ladies apart from everything else get excellent assistant in struggle with aging!

Alginate masks are real catch for women. If you use it even one time, you will keep being admirer of this amazing product forever. Present yourself with beauty and youth! All the more so as now it’s been so simple.