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Corporate Values


About company

Corporate Values

Corporate values ​​of TENTORIUM® are based on giving people real opportunities to achieve higher standards of living, assistance in organizing their own business, introduction of bee products to people and the active promotion of healthy lifestyle.

"TENTORIUM® offers opportunities that allow hundreds of thousands of people to grow and prosper together with the company. The main asset of TENTORIUM® - a solid foundation which our company stands on - is people and the unique product. The company’s logo symbolizes the bee that unites the full range of TENTORIUM® values ​​.

Six sides of honeycomb represent the six main values of TENTORIUM®:

1. People

TENTORIUM® is people first of all! These are our customers, distributors, business partners, employees of the company and service centres. It is people that have always been and will be the main value of the company.

2. Self-realization

For some people self-realization is the leadership and the creation of a successful team of like-minded people, for others - a career, for the third – running a large organization, for the fourth - the opportunity to be a mentor and help others. In TENTORIUM® you will find what you have been looking for! The company provides opportunities for the disclosure of potential inherent in each of us. Those who have never wrote poetry begin to write, those who never painted - paint pictures. Our colleagues sing, dance, travel and enjoy life! In TENTORIUM® everything is possible!

3. Respect

TENTORIUM® is constantly evolving, we provide hundreds of thousands of jobs. We help others feel their importance! Today the Independent Entrepreneur of TENTORIUM® is a respected profession! The company treats the distributors, customers and business partners with great respect and attention. The Independent Entrepreneurs of TENTORIUM® and consumers are the most important asset of the company!

4. Well-being

The well-being is not just financial wealth. It is a condition of the person feeling the "goodness" around: love and respect in the family, the harmony in the soul, material welfare in your home and the joy of communicating with friends. TENTORIUM® will give you this opportunity!

5. Health

TENTORIUM® strives for the improvement of people’s health, takes care that business partners and customers of the company improve the quality of life and their health and achieve harmony of body and spirit. We see to young people to be always active, vigorous and energetic, and to those who are older to prolong active longevity!

6. The security and confidence in the future

TENTORIUM® business is a reliable business. Intelligent distribution used in TENTORIUM® is a legal business, as the business partners receive revenues from selling products bringing real benefits to the people.

In TENTORIUM® you are planning your day and build your business yourself! And what is most important - determine the value of the earnings! Being with us you can be confident in the future because the company provides an opportunity to work and earn money, even if you are retired, and exercises the right of business inheritance.