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President and Founder of the Company


About company

President and Founder of the Company

Раиль Хисматуллин Президент компании Тенториум

Rail Khismatullin is an amazing person. A wise man once said, “Everything is in our hands. We are responsible for our destiny”.

The life and destiny of Rail Khismatullin is a vivid example: he has managed not only to overcome the difficulties, but also to turn the vector of his life for the better!

Today Rail Khismatullin is President and Founder of the large company that has extended outside the country. He built "Tentorium" from the “greenfield” which now for hundreds of thousands of people has become more than just a company. For many people around the world "Tentorium" is an opportunity to improve the financial situation, to maintain and improve their health, to acquire a family, friends, associates, realize themselves in a creative, professional and career aspects.

The most advanced technologies, new creative ideas always attract attention of Rail Khismatullin, he seeks to use them for the benefit and development of our company. Despite the fact that he works hard there is always space for creativity.

Rail Khismatullin sings heartfully, plays the guitar and he is always aware of the innovations in the field of literature and cinema. He is the initiator of many scientific expeditions in which he is pleased to participate along with the distributors of "Tentorium" and brings a lot of great ideas and discoveries that are so necessary for the successful development of "Tentorium". Despite frequent business trips to other countries Rail truly loves and appreciates the nature of his native country, thrives in the quiet of the forest or on the riverbank. He is sure that the truth is easy and pleasant. "True is the main trump card in the affairs" - says Rail Khismatullin. If he promises something he will surely keep his word.

Amazing sociability and kindness to people have provided Rail with a lot of good friends and acquaintances including many celebrities. Rail Khismatullin appreciates friendship and can see people in their best sides. President and Founder of "Tentorium" has an infinite belief in the product and brings this belief to the people, inspires the people around with his optimism, the energy of life, liberty, health and love. He never rests on his oars, he always learns and discovers new borders of the infinite world for himself and the company. All the achievements of President and Founder of "Tentorium" are duly appreciated, he is the holder of numerous awards and titles.

Today, as it was before, Rail Khismatullin aims to bring health to people and whenever help them to overcome the difficulties of life, just like he managed to overcome them thanks to the bee products and faith in his own strength.