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Company awards


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Company awards

Large Golden medal of French Association of industry promotion.
For dynamic development and high TENTORIUM® product quality. 2004.

International reward “European Standard”.
For merits in efforts to approach of Russian and European standards in economic and social spheres of social life. Bern, Switzerland, 2005.

Silver medal and honorary degree “National achievement”.
For contribution to revival of the best traditions of Russian patronage, active life position, and unselfish effort to do good works.

Golden medal in nomination “Beekeeping collection”.
2003, Ljubljana (Slovenia).

Golden medal in nomination
“Collection of the products on the basis of beekeeping products”.

2005, Dublin (Ireland).

Golden medal in nomination “Products and package”.
For collection “Live Tentorium drinks”, for complex system of oral care products, and for production promotion system.

Silver medal in nomination “Technical inventions in beekeeping sphere”.
TENTORIUM® company supported and presented at the Congress bee bread production technology developed by scientists of Ryazan Agricultural Academy.
2007, Melbourne (Australia).

Bronze medal in nomination “Beekeeping collection”.
For Tentorium® honey collection.
2013, Kiev (Ukraine).

“Napoleon Medal”, the highest award of French Association of industry promotion (Paris, France).
For special merits in development of beekeeping industry, agriculture, and Russian economics in whole. 2005.

International award “Social Partnership”.
For implementation of international standards of corporate social responsibility in modern Russian business. Strasbourg, France, 2005.

Golden medal
for large “parcel of health”, including all TENTORIUM® production;

Golden medal
for the system of production promotion that includes packaging, advertisement, and promotion of Tentorium production;

Silver medal
for new beekeeping products - bee chitin and chitosan.
2001, Durban (Republic of South Africa)