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Wellness-program «F25 Activation»


Wellness-program «F25 Activation»




The natural products’ complex that has a systematic harmonious effect on the human body by activating the resources given by nature.


Wellness-program F 25 Activation includes all the components to gain inner harmony: the program activates the mental, physical and adaptive capacities of a human! The complex of the dragee Tentorium Basis, the honey blend Tentorium Energy, the balm Tentorium Adaptive and the cream Tentorium Relax contains ingredients the effectiveness of which has been proven by the researches. The reason for combining these components is the fact that they complement and reinforce each other's effects.


All of the processes taking place in nature and the human body are cyclical. Active intense rhythm of modern life requires the energy for development from you and your loved ones - the honey blend Tentorium Energy will give it to you. The flexibility and the ability to control your state are of great importance - the balm Tentorium Adaptive will help you to adapt to external conditions: emotional and physical stress. The warranty of the happy future for the whole family is the right relaxation which is easily achieved with the help of the cream Tentorium Relax. The basic product of the program – the dragee Tentorium Basis - activates the basics of life activity, the metabolic processes in the body. Wellness- program F25 Activation gives you the opportunity to move to a new lifestyle - TENTORIUM WELLNESS - your way of inspiration, growth and abundance!


The dragee Tentorium Basis: honey, pollen (bee pollen), propolis extract, low molecular chitosan, pine nuts, ascorbic acid, sugar, milk powder, syrup, beeswax, vegetable oil. The honey blend Tentorium Energy: honey, bee bread, royal jelly. The balm Tentorium Adaptive: prepared water, propolis, mumiyo, eleuterococcus extract. Cream Tentorium Relax: propolis extract, horseradish extract, extract of Siberian fir, bee venom, beeswax, camphor oil, vegetable oil.


Morning Step 1: Activate: Vitality! The honey blend Tentorium Energy - 1 teaspoon, Happy future! The dragee Tentorium Basis - 1 tablespoon, strong immune system! The balm Tentorium Adaptive - 1 teaspoon; Evening Step 2: Activate: the physical and emotional harmony! Cream Tentorium Relax – for massage, rubbing, body care, happy family relationships! The dragee Tentorium Basis - 1 tsp.


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