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The basic program "Life Force"


The basic program "Life Force"




The basic program is a balanced set of apiphytoproducts which makes it possible to meet all the needs of the human body in nutrients for optimal performance, supporting of physical and psycho-emotional health and for increasing vitality.


Each of the products presented in the program “Life Force” is targeting the certain states and processes of the body, such as “Energy” – the dragee “BeeActive Tentorium”, “Recovery” – the dragee “Formula RA”, “Anti-stress” – the honey blend “Apiphytotonus”, “Immunity” - the water extract of propolis “A-P-V”, “Metabolism” – the dragee “Tentorium Plus”, “Tone” – the concentrate “Assil”.


Complex influence of all the components on the organism allows achieving the most effective result. "Life force" suits anyone who follows the principles of WELLNESS – the concept of healthy lifestyle based on a combination of physical and mental health, proper nutrition, reasonable exercise and avoiding of harmful habits.


The dragee “BeeActive Tentorium” (280 g): pine nuts, isomalt, milk powder, natural honey, royal jelly, propolis extract, beeswax, ascorbic acid. The dragee “Formula Ra” (300 g): pollen (bee pollen), isomalt, syrup, natural honey, wax moth extract, propolis extract, beeswax, natural colour beta-carotene. The honey blend “Apiphytotonus” (300 g): natural honey, royal jelly, pollen (bee pollen). The water extract of propolis “A-P-V” (100 ml): propolis, purified water. The dragee “Tentorium Plus” (300 g) sugar, pollen (bee pollen), syrup, extract of propolis, beeswax. The concentrate “Assil” (100 ml): mumiyo, eleuterococcus extract, invert syrup.


The use of the basic program is meant for 30 days. Each day uninterruptedly you are recommended to take the following in the morning 30 minutes before meals: 4-5 dragees of “BeeActive Tentorium”, 1 teaspoon of “Formula Ra”, 1 teaspoon of “Tentorium Plus” (chew and dissolve), ½ teaspoon of “Apiphyitotonus”; during the day 30 minutes before meals: 4-5 dragees of “BeeActive Tentorium”, 1 teaspoon of “Tentorium Plus” (chew and dissolve), ½ teaspoon of "Apiphytotonus"; in the evening: 1 teaspoon of “Formula Ra” 30 minutes before a meal, ½ teaspoon of “A-P-V” dissolved in a glass of water.


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