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Anti-stress toning program


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Anti-stress toning program




The natural set of products for your victory over stress.


Anti-stress toning up program is the set of TENTORIUM® wellness products specially selected for those who are constantly experiencing physical and emotional overload. That's a double protection against stress and its consequences: the nutritious dragee “Tentorium Plus Ultra” replenishes vitality, the balm “A-P-V” strengthens the immune system and the cream “Tentorium” will help to relieve tension.


The program is meant for 15 days of continuous use, in this period the active components of bee products are launching a comprehensive health giving mechanism. Pollen and propolis contained in the products help to cope with the effects of stress, overcome fatigue and adapt the body to a busy pace of mental and physical work. Anti-stress toning up program is a quick start for the lasting effect!


The dragee “Tentorium Plus Ultra”: pollen (bee pollen), concentrated extract of propolis, beeswax, sugar, syrup, sunflower seed oil. The balm “A-P-V”: propolis, purified water. The cream “Tentorium”: beeswax, propolis extract, horseradish extract, bee venom, purified water, CO2-extract of linden blossom, vegetable oil.


The first half of the day: the balm “A-P-V”: 1 dessert spoon 15-20 minutes before meals 3 times a day. The dragee “Tentorium Plus Ultra”: 1 teaspoon 2 times a day in the first half of the day 30 minutes before meals; the second half of the day: the cream “Tentorium”: rubbing, massage.


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