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Dragee “BifidoKhlebina” (300 g)


Dragee “BifidoKhlebina” (300 g)




A detox product for creation and support of healthy intestinal microflora.


An effective product that regulates intestinal microflora and improves metabolic processes.


A compound product that consists of bee bread, food fiber and bifidus bacteria. It’s unique because it has both, probiotic and prebiotic properties. The base of the product is bee bread, nutrient rich complex enriched by agents of microbiological synthesis. A human body needs them since these agents produce a beneficial effect on body recovery processes. Bifidus bacteria are a live stable microbiological culture which is a base of gastrointestinal microflora. They protect a human body from penetration of xenogenic bacteria and toxins; fortify immune system; help regulate digestive processes, improve absorption of vitamins, micro nutrients and other agents essential for the human body. The function of bifidus bacteria is protection, purification and nutrition. Flax meal and inulin are a source of valuable food fibers. They are natural prebiotics that after getting to intestinal microflora become “nutrition” for bifidus bacteria, help them grow and develop.


Flax meal, bee bread, sugar, honey, inulin, syrup, probiotic bacterial culture (Bifidobacterium bacteria), beeswax, vegetable oil).


It’s recommended to take 3-4 dragees 3 times a day after meal.


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