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Barley Apitsampa (300 g)


Barley Apitsampa (300 g)




Whole foods based on barley and pollen
Net weight: 400 g


"Apitsampa" is a product that combines the traditions of the healthy Tibetan and Himalayas cuisine with the invigorating power of the hive gifts. Cereals contained in the product provide the body with proteins and carbohydrates, as well as B vitamins and minerals. Pollen (bee pollen) enriches the vitamin composition of "Apitsampa" turning it into a daily meal for a healthy and active life.


Residents of Tibet and the Himalayas retain their health and maintain strength until old age thanks to the frequent use of "tsampa" in their diet - the dish made from roasted barley groats, honey of wild mountain bees, green tea and vegetable or animal fats. In the Russian cuisine barley has long been a leader in the diet. After studying these traditions, the specialists of TENTORIUM® company have created a fundamentally new food product - "Apitsampa" based on barley and pollen - for daily cleansing and enriching the body with vitamins and trace elements.


Ground barley pollen (bee pollen)


The product "Apitsampa" can be used as a separate dish and as a supplement to a variety of culinary delights: pancakes, salads, soups, jelly, sauces


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