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Rice Apitsampa (300 g)


Rice Apitsampa (300 g)



Cereals concentrate enriched with chitosan, fiber and inulin


The gluten-free product that combines the traditions of healthy nutrition with life-giving power of the hive gifts.


Rice is rich in complex carbohydrates which provide long-term supply of energy in the muscle tissue of the body. Chitosan is a natural sorbent. It increases metabolism, accelerates blood circulation, contributes to rejuvenating and cleansing of the body. Pectin is necessary to stabilize the metabolism. Many experts call pectin the aide of the human body due to its unique ability to rid the body of harmful substances such as radioactive elements, ions of toxic metals and pesticides. Inulin holds back the development of putrefactive processes in the intestine, it has blood purificating and choleretic effects, improves metabolism, strengthens the immune defense and inhibits the aging process.


Rice, pectin, inulin, chitosan


Cover three tablespoons of the concentrate with hot but not boiling water, green tea or herbal decoction (at your choice) to the desired consistency. Let it brew for three minutes. Add honey, sugar, oil, salt and seasoning to taste. Rice Apitsampa is exceptionally suitable as a basis for desserts, drinks and soups.


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