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Corn Apitsampa (300 g)


Corn Apitsampa (300 g)



Cereals concentrate enriched with chitosan, fiber and inulin


The gluten-free product which has the unique properties appreciated long ago by the Indians of North America is now enriched with new components.


The unique and useful properties of maize are due to its rich composition. Vitamins and trace elements contained in solar grains of corn have anti-stress effects on the body and calm the nervous system. Potassium, which corn is rich in, has a positive effect on the heart and muscles and improves memory. Chitosan is a natural sorbent that helps to reduce cholesterol in the blood. Chitosan binds the "bad" LDL cholesterol and that is an excellent prevention of cardiovascular diseases such as atherosclerosis. Pectin is important for stabilization of metabolism, it improves peripheric circulation and peristalsis. Inulin improves carbohydrate and lipid metabolism, normalizes blood sugar levels and helps to activate metabolism and fat-burning process.


Corn, pectin, inulin, chitosan.


Cover three tablespoons of the concentrate with hot but not boiling water, green tea or herbal decoction (at your choice) to the desired consistency. Let it brew for three minutes. Add honey, sugar, oil, salt and seasoning to taste. Excellent as a base for a gluten-free baked goods and other dishes and for cooking coatings, gravy, desserts, etc.


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