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Buckwheat Apitsampa (300 g)


Buckwheat Apitsampa (300 g)



Cereal concentrate enriched with chitosan, fiber and inulin


The gluten-free product on the basis of "hero cereals" enriched by the power of the hive gifts.


Buckwheat is rich in protein, fiber and healthy carbohydrates which are not involved in the process of lipogenesis. Chitosan is a natural sorbent that helps to reduce cholesterol in the blood. It prevents the accumulation of toxins, improves intestinal function and protects the liver, it has anti-allergy properties as well. Pectin is necessary to stabilize the metabolism, it binds the radionuclides and heavy metals perfectly and removes them from the body. Inulin helps to cleanse the body, has beneficial effects on the liver, improves the immune system and helps to strengthen bone tissue providing optimal absorption of calcium.


Buckwheat, pectin, inulin, chitosan.


Cover three tablespoons of the concentrate with hot but not boiling water, green tea or herbal decoction (at your choice) to the desired consistency. Let it brew for three minutes. Add honey, sugar, oil, salt and seasoning to taste.


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