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Honey and pollen paste "Life Force Plus" (400 g)




Honey and pollen paste bringing benefits to the body and an unforgettable pleasure of truly original taste and bright flavor
Net weight: 400 g


The honey and pollen paste "Life Force Plus" embodies all the beneficial properties of bee products. That's why it has such a strong complex effect on the human body. Due to the content of honey and pollen "Life Force Plus" can be rightly called a natural energy product. This product gives vivacity, strength, energy and provides a good mood for the whole day. Propolis contained in the paste increases resistance to viruses and other negative environmental influences.


The honey and pollen paste "Life Force Plus" can provide not only an invaluable benefit for the human health, but also the unforgettable pleasure of a truly original taste and bright flavor. Rich, sweet and spicy taste, bright summer aroma of honey and propolis would not leave anyone unaffected. "Life Force Plus" is indispensable for fatigue, physical and emotional exhaustion and bad mood. The paste gives strength and energy, lifts your spirits and makes it possible to see the world in a different light!


Honey, vegetable oil, pollen (bee pollen), horseradish extract, concentrated extract of propolis


Since the product increases energy potential for a rather long period of time, it is recommended to take the honey and pollen paste in the first half of the day in the amount of 1-2 teaspoons. When taking paste in the evening there occurs the possibility of insomnia.


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