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The active complex "Tentorium-Wellness" (ACTW) (100 g)


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The active complex "Tentorium-Wellness" (ACTW) (100 g)



Natural concentrate of health and energy in a space package


At the heart of ACTW creation there is a grandiose scientific work on the investigation of the bee products’ effects under extreme stress. On the basis of Yugra Boarding School of the Olympic reserve (YBSOR) there was a large-scale work on the effects of the apiphytoproducts on the human body. The result of the three years work is the obtained patent to create a set of products for the prevention of cardiovascular risk and improvement of performance. The results of the project Tentorium-YBSOR were reflected in the handbook on the use of bee products for health care establishments. The reviewers of the handbook were the scientists and leading specialists of the RAMS Research Institute of Nutrition, the Ministry of Education and Science and the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation. It is proved that the combination of honey, bee bread, propolis, pollen, royal jelly, chitosan and plant components increases resistance to physical stress endurance and accelerates the growth of muscle mass while the time of recovering after physical stress and tendency to allergic reactions are reduced. In general due to the use of these components the improvement is observed in the vital indices, including stress resistance, self-esteem and physical data.


ACTW combines the maximum potential of the patented set. "Space product", as it was called by TENTORIUM® expedition members in Canada, has established itself as a powerful energy product, excellent nutritious remedy replenishing the lost energy. ACTW passed clinical testing on the basis of Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University in Moscow, at the site of the school "Sambo-70" in the study of the apiphytoproducts’ influence on the recovery after intense exercise. This project was carried out jointly by TENTORIUM® and "The Russian Association of sports medicine and rehabilitation of sick and disabled people." Today this super product is available to everyone and it has undeniable benefits in use: light weight while maintaining high nutritional value; concentrated content and recognizable taste; convenient packaging.


honey, pollen, water extract of propolis, concentrated propolis extract, pollen (bee pollen), royal jelly, chitosan, pine nuts, mumiyo, eleuterococcus extract.


Use as a supplement to the basic diet at any time.


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