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Extra-Befungin (300 g)


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Extra-Befungin (300 g)




Natural product bringing together health properties of propolis and birch fungus Chaga.
Net weight: 180 g 300 g


Nourishing dragee "Extra Befungin" acts as a powerful antioxidant and immunomodulator and helps to protect the liver as well. The powerful healing effect is achieved through the optimal combination of phytocomponents and bee products.


The unique health properties of Chaga mushroom and propolis have been known since ancient times - these natural components have antibacterial and antiviral influence, prevent the development of fungi and cancer cells. Dragee "Extra Befungin" coated with microsphere shell retains the biologically active properties for a long time and it is completely absorbed by the human body. The range of beneficial effects of the dragee is quite wide: "Extra-Befungin" normalizes the intestinal microflora, makes up for iron deficiency, protects the liver and strengthens the immune system!


Concentrated extract of propolis, plant extracts: Chaga mushroom and St. John's wort herb, honey, fermented malt, vegetable fibers from wheat and rye grains, beeswax, sugar, syrup, sunflower oil.


It is recommended that adults take 1 teaspoon 3 times a day 30 minutes before meals, continually for 1 month.


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