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Tentorium Plus in sachet


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Tentorium Plus in sachet



A proper food product for youth and health in a new convenient package.


Dragee "Tentorium Plus" is a base product for any health program, the base for the physical well-being. A wide range of beneficial effects is realized thanks to the harmonious combination of bee ingredients - propolis and pollen. These natural remedies are a wealth of nutrients which are so necessary to maintain optimal physical fitness, prevent colds and fight infections.


The new convenient package – sachet- gives the opportunity to introduce “Tentorium Plus” dragee to more and more clients. One can take along the sachet, treat the partners occasionally. "Tentorium Plus" is an indispensable fortifying agent, a healthy snack which makes life honey-like! "Tentorium Plus" dragee contains all the necessary vitamins, trace elements, enzymes, nucleic acids and amino acids. In combination with propolis the pollen contained in the product strengthens the immune system, contributes to the normalization of metabolic processes and the cardiac activity, improves the blood composition and the function of the digestive system, slows the aging process.


Pollen (bee pollen), concentrated extract of propolis, beeswax, sugar, syrup, sunflower oil.


It’s recommended to take 1 teaspoon of the dragee 2 times a day in the first half of the day 30 minutes before meals.


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