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Syrup «Sorbus» (240 gr)


Syrup «Sorbus» (240 gr)




The product based on quickbeam berries and propolis extract will fill you with vitamins, build-up your health and fortify your immune system.
Net weight: 120 g 240 g


“Sorbus” syrup is an innovative product in Tentorium product range. It’s an upgraded descendant of “Sorbus” dragee. Active agents of quickbeam in the syrup content are reinforced with flavonoid combinations of propolis, which fortify heart and vessels.


This syrup includes fresh quickbeam berries, processed and enriched with the help of liquid propolis extract, which allow the berries to save all valuable active agents, such as A, E, C, PP, B vitamins, micro- and macronutrients. Moreover, “Sorbus” formula is improved by flavonoid combinations of propolis. Syrup doesn’t contain sugar, it has sorbite instead – a substance naturally contained in quickbeam berries in abundance. Sorbite has a slight purgative effect, pectin substances easily eliminate toxins and heavy metals from a human body. Therefore, “Sorbus” is a perfect means for regulating intestinal function simple and easy.


Sorbitol syrup, quickbeam extract, concentrated propolis extract


Dispense 2 teaspoons of syrup in a glass of warm water, take it 1-2 times in the morning hours before meal. Note! In case of excessive Use increase the syrup may cause sufficient purgative effect.


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