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A-P-V (100 ml)


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A-P-V (100 ml)




Natural multipurpose product that will protect you from microbial aggression. Suits for all family members.
Volume: 200 ml 100 ml 15 ml


“A-P-V” (aqueous propolis extract) – basic “Tentorium” product intended for both: internal and external use. It has exceptional antimicrobial properties of propolis. The balm is especially valuable as a means for supporting your immune system during seasonal viral activity.


Propolis has been known since the ancient times. It was used in Ancient Egypt. Translated from Greek, propolis means “before city”, it is also known in folklife culture as bee glue, for it is a valuable construction material and reliable protection of a hive! People value propolis for its exceptional antimicrobial properties. If you hold it in your mouth for a while, you will feel slight numbing of tongue and gums. This resinous substance relieves the pain 52 times more effectively than Novocain does. Purified water in “A-P-V” content makes the balm light and nice to taste. Water base of “A-P-V” makes its use accessible to children and drivers of transportation means. “A-P-V” is pretty much irreplaceable on a trip. You can use it as a medical chest. The balm helps cope with consequences of cuts and other minor injuries, tooth and gum inflammations. If you keep adding the balm to beverages continuously, you will significantly fortify your immune system! All this makes “A-P-V” an ultimate family product!


Native propolis, purified water


Internal: for the immune system fortification purposes – 1 for immune system reinforcement 1 dessertspoon 3 times per day, 15-20 minutes before meal during 1-1.5 months; External: for antiseptic purposes – apply to an intended skin area using clean cloth


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