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Concentrate of protein cocktail «B.N.R.G. » (200 g)


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Concentrate of protein cocktail «B.N.R.G. » (200 g)




The concentrate of protein cocktail for a double boost of energy
Net weight: 200 g


The recipe of the protein cocktail «B.N.R.G. » is based on the product which gives the maximum enhancement of energy, boosts vivacity and multiplies the man’s vital forces – that is royal jelly. This product strengthens the immune system, improves metabolism, adjusts the digestive tract, glands and blood vessels. Even if you are not focused on strengthening the muscles with intensive training, the cocktail with a nice chocolate flavor can be your reliable aid for every day, because its formula improves the state of skin, hair, nails and contributes to the overall rejuvenation of the body.


Collagen contained in the cocktail works as a building material for the ligaments and tendons, strengthens muscles and prevents skin laxity. The value of soy protein is actually equivalent to animal protein, along with this the soy proteins contribute to the displacement of body fat which is important when dieting. When drinking a cocktail the feeling of fullness comes quickly, it decreases craving for sweet foods. With a portion of the cocktail you get more than 10% of the daily needs in protein and 14% - in dietary fiber and vitamin C while the energy value of the portion is only 62 calories! Cocktail «B.N.R.G. » is indispensable for people who are actively involved in sports and who want to stay young.


soy protein, fructose, edible cocoa fiber, inulin, hydrolyzed collagen, wheat dietary fiber (bran), royal jelly, ascorbic acid


Сocktails should be taken immediately before and / or after a workout - it contributes to the rapid recuperation and revitalization of metabolism and building the muscle mass. For those on a diet - instead of dinner and as "aperitif" before a meal. Preparation: dissolve 5 teaspoons (20g) in a glass of warm water or milk.


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