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Lip salve with pollen extract (3.7 g)


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Lip salve with pollen extract (3.7 g)




The product for health and beauty of your lips
Net weight: 3,7 g


Propolis wax contained in the lipstick is a real treasure, it copes gently with dryness and flakiness of the skin creating a protective coating and improving the skin elasticity. Pollen extract restores the skin damaged with micro cracks. Carnauba wax is called "tears of plants", it retains moisture even in the extreme heat. Oils of medicinal plants are rich in amino acids, they have anti-inflammatory properties and fight the redness and inflammation of the skin. The sun protection factor SPF 10 secures against UV rays protecting the skin from photo-aging process. Hypoallergenic composition of the lip salve is suitable even for the youngest family members.


The soft texture of the lipstick is easy to apply and keeps long protecting lips from harmful environmental effects and bad air. The result is a pleasant feeling of softness, an attractive appearance and a natural gloss of the lips.


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