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  • Several words about honey

    “Liquid gold” – in such a way our ancestors called honey. They set a high value on the sweet amber produced by the bees. Not all people like the smell or the taste of the honey but nobody can deny its health giving peculiarities. 

    11 March 2016
  • The bees have served to people since the Stone Age

    The scientists group presenting different countries and continents found out that people used the bee honey and wax in the Stone Age, almost 9000 years ago.

    10 March 2016
  • Gift of youth

    The most desirable product of this winter – BAA “Royal jelly in bitter chocolate with genistein” now is available for order!

    02 March 2016
  • Hormone with surprise

    Why do children like chocolate surprise eggs so much? Favourite delicacy hides inside interesting toy – it is twice joyful to get double pleasure! TENTORIUM® company has prepared for women magic present – deluxe chocolate with filling of valuable royal jelly and phyto-components with wonderful power of transformation – double pleasure of taste and result!

    01 March 2016
  • To be well-shaped!

    We all have a dream to be well-shaped and attractive. Scientists from the Cornell University studied the diet peculiarities of people with good shape. And their conclusions have been fascinating: people having right nutrition and not blaming themselves for the overeating keep their body in better condition than people keeping strict diets. We can make one rule of all it: the main things are healthy nutrition and healthy stance to the life!

    01 March 2016
  • US FDA Certificate of Registration for Tentorium Group in 2016

    In August 2015 Tentorium Group received a Certificate of Registration from the US Food and Drug Administration, which made TENTORIUM® an official and legal US sales market player. TENTORIUM® is enabled to supply and sell their products on the territory of the USA.

    22 January 2016

    There have been appeared several new TENTORIUM products – BAA. This word is new enough for the Company’s lexicon.

    17 December 2015
  • Honey – new time-honoured panacea?

    Honey at all times was considered to be an excellent antiweapon against infections, but recent researches have shown that it can replace even antibiotics.

    11 December 2015
  • Alginate masks – professional care in home conditions

    Preservation of youth and beauty for many years is one of the heart’s desires of modern women.

    08 December 2015
  • Quality or cost-cutting?

    Precious little people would buy canned mushrooms from doubtful seller in the subway but for some reason many of them buy honey from the same sellers without thinking of consequences.

    27 November 2015